Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters Artbook Will Appear in Japan

People in Japan will be able to look at Capcom vs Osamu Tezuka characters in their own homes in 2021. Fukkan opened pre-orders for a Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters art book featuring images from the exhibit and original art with characters from both Capcom and Tezuka series. It will cost 2,750円 (~$26.50) and ship sometime in April 2021. [Thanks, Rockman Corner!]

Fukkan’s product listing offered a few details about the Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters art book and showed some images that will appear inside of it. One picture comes directly from the Bengus poster used to promote the exhibit at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Japan, while the other two offer alternate takes on Black Jack characters Kuroo Hazama and Pinoko and Ace Attorney’s Phoenix Wright. One of the book’s five parts will also involve “VS” artwork, with pairings like Mega Man VS Astro Boy, Monster Hunter VS Phoenix, Resident Evil VS The Vampires, Street Fighter VS Princess Knight, Black Jack VS Ace Attorney, and Sengoku Basara VS Dororo. A Mega Man VS Astro Boy A5-size illustrated print will appear as a Fukkan bonus.

The Capcom vs. Osamu Tezuka Characters art book will be released in Japan in April 2021. The art exhibit will appear at Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum until February 23, 2021.

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