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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will never leave you without a weapon

Fortnite: Where to find Zero Point and crystal trees

Minecraft Dungeons ‘Flames of the Nether’ arrives alongside a free endgame update

Starfield – Everything we know about Bethesda’s space RPG

More PlayStation games are coming to PC, starting with Days Gone this spring

Doom Eternal director has ‘put a lot of thought’ into adding a female Slayer

Twitch Gaming replaced Metallica’s BlizzCon performance with royalty-free plinky-plonk twinkling

Hearthstone patch nerfs the top deck in Standard, brings changes to Battlegrounds

World of Warcraft’s roguelike dungeon is being overhauled so that failing to beat it won’t ruin your night

Far Cry 6 beta emails are a phishing scam, Ubisoft warns

This ridiculous Valheim seed places every boss a short jog from the starting point

Legend of Mana HD remaster is coming to Steam

This Final Fantasy 14 anime short captures everything I love about the game

Valheim is better because it rejects boring survival systems

Imperator: Rome’s 2.0 overhaul makes big changes to UI and warfare

Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth returns, years after being deleted

Spiritfarer has three big, free updates coming

Great moments in PC gaming: Spotting your first environmental puzzle in The Witness

Valheim cheats and console commands

Dell’s End of Summer Sale has some big discounts on gaming laptops and monitors

Ahead of Steam’s Lunar New Year sale, Green Man Gaming is having its own

This 80 Plus Gold PSU for $110 is one of the best bargains for an 850W model

Destiny 2: Season of the Chosen buffs rocket launchers and raises mouse recoil

This laptop has 7 screens, for when 6 isn’t enough

Total War: Warhammer 3 preorders remain top of the charts in China

Great Moments in PC gaming: Escaping Little Nightmares’ meat feast

Final Fantasy 14 update 5.5 is coming April 13

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