New Nintendo Switch Model Reportedly has 4K Resolution Docked, 7-inch OLED Display

A report from Bloomberg provides some details about a possible new model of the Nintendo Switch. It reports that Nintendo is looking to reveal the new model this year. The company is hoping that it will drive demand during the holiday period by having a bigger Samsung OLED display.

Additionally, Samsung will reportedly start mass producing these 7-inch, 720P resolution OLED screens starting in June. Nintendo is initially targeting just under a million units each month. In July, these display screens are being planned to ship to assemblers. The resolution of the new display is similar to the current Switch and the Switch Lite, but it is an upgrade in display size and quality over the former’s 6.2 inch display and the latter’s 5.5 inch one. The report mentions that if the console’s housing, which is presumably referring to the Switch’s dock, stays the same, then the new Switch will likely have a thinner bezel.

The OLED panels that Nintendo chose for the new Switch model is cheaper but less flexible than the ones used in high-end smartphones. The new model will also reportedly have 4K graphics when docked and paired with TVs. Even with Nintendo’s high-profile titles such as Animal Crossing and Pokémon, the company still wants to maintain the Switch’s momentum and provide a lineup of games that can compete with both PlayStation and Xbox.

The Nintendo Switch launched in March 2017, while its closest rivals have recently released their new and more powerful consoles, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. Nintendo hasn’t officially announced any sort of new Switch model, but let’s hope that we get some news sometime soon.

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